Jason C. Mercurio

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Quantitative Analyst, Winning Team LongHack Hackathon 2022, & Founder & CEO at Ageless Partners

About me

Jason C. Mercurio is the founder and CEO of Ageless Partners (AP), a global anti-aging company with interests in reverse aging research, trends, supplements, and technologies.

Prior to AP, Mr. Mercurio conducted research with machine learning, data science, automated trading systems, and statistical methods within multiple financial markets. He developed software for algorithmic trading strategies, discretionary portfolio managers, and quantitative research for U.S. and foreign equity markets. Most recently, Mr. Mercurio works to accelerate the research and development of genomics, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology. He aims to provide the average individual with clear up-to-date guidance on actionable insights on how to slow down aging. He received a BS in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science from UCSD and holds a Masters in Financial Engineering from UCLA.

In his free time, he enjoys biohacking, running, lifting weights, reading, walking in nature, and being with his family.

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Jason C. Mercurio

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