Andreas Melhede

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Core Founding Member & Community Lead at FutrDAO & Core Team Member at CureDAO

About me

Andreas Melhede is a Danish marketer, transhumanist, biohacker, and writer. He graduated with an International Business Bachelor (IBB) from Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College in 2018. 

In early 2019, he began his first marketing venture and has since worked with different personal brands, small firms, and various publications on diverse parts of the business.

His highest focus has been on business strategy, product development, marketing, and learning the latest in healthy longevity and emerging technologies. 

In March 2021, he became laser beam focused on decreasing suffering and letting people live healthier and longer lives.

His journey in this area began as the marketing manager of Longevity Wiki, the communications coordinator of Immortalists Magazine, & at the end of 2021, as the ageless coordinator of Ageless Partners.

Today, he works at FutrDAO as a core founding member & community lead, as a core team member at CureDAO, and on a few other healthy longevity projects.‍

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Andreas Melhede

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