Andrew Bouras

PR Lab

President of VAROS Technologies Inc., Creator in The Spiritual DAO, & Co-Founder of the Astral Kingdom

About me

My time since my undergraduate graduation has been spent between a full-time job, a few passion projects, hobbies, and exploring new interests. I have applied to and hope to matriculate into medical school in the summer of '22.

My day job in the gastrointestinal private practice has been split between three different roles, each of which involves direct interaction with patients.

My nights and weekends are spent working on VAROS Technologies, the Astral Kingdom NFT collection, and The Spiritual DAO.

My hobbies have grown to involve various organized sports, creative writing, and hiking as ways to decompress.

My recent interests cover topics relating to longevity, physics, philosophy, and entrepreneurship.

Ultimately, my goal is to provide value and facilitate the success of others in the most meaningful ways possible.

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Andrew Bouras

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