Kevin Perrott


Co-Founder of SENS Research Foundation, CEO at OpenCures, & Adjunct Professor – University of Alberta​

About me

We have entered a new golden age of biology and medicine. The rapid development and convergence of multiple technological fields have led us to expect tremendous breakthroughs in addressing previously unapproachable medical problems.

It is possible now to envision a future where the degenerative diseases people suffer and die from as they get older will be eliminated or drastically reduced. Imagine, no Alzheimer's, no Parkinson's, no heart disease, no COPD or the myriad of other ailments which afflict our parents and older loved-ones, and, eventually, ourselves.

The one thing that as a cancer survivor I am particularly clear on, is that we are all "patients-in-waiting"​. You never know when you or someone you love is going to go from "healthy"​ to "patient"​.. sometimes in a moment.

I believe I can make a significant impact in accelerating the development of the therapies and interventions promised by emerging technologies, and I am not alone. Those of us who understand that we all win in terms of extended health if we WORK TOGETHER to minimize the time to the arrival of new effective health technologies, perhaps in time for our parents'​ generation.

This is my compass and my focus, from my own research, to the convening of like minds and organizations to bring their own expertise and skills to bear on our common challenges.

One may think they have no role to play in taking research from bench-to-benefit​, but there is no "Department of Cures"​, no cavalry coming to save us. We don't know exactly *when* breakthroughs will occur, but they *will* take longer if you just standby and wait for others. You have a lot to contribute, get engaged.

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