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I got my degree in Electrical Engineering and Physics. Then I spent a decade doing industrial root-cause failure analysis and managing a testing lab. During that time, I developed several conditions like arthritis, psoriasis, and depression. I was sent to a specialist for each condition and was prescribed the default medications for each symptom.

However, after many years I was still miserable, so I decided to start applying the same techniques that we used at my lab to identify the root cause of my symptoms. So, I started tracking symptoms and potential factors and applied a pharmacokinetic modeling technique to identify the strongest predictors.

The first discovery I made was that the severity of my symptoms correlated very highly with each other. This told me that all these separate conditions were just symptoms of the same underlying root cause.

That root cause turned out to be a delayed intestinal inflammatory autoimmune reaction primarily triggered by dietary lectins, gliadin, and sugar. After removing those from my diet, I felt better than I had in years. The effects had never been obvious, since the triggers have a 2-day delay before the effect and last about 10 days. The human brain evolved to survive in a world without data on the African Savannah. Since it can only hold 7 numbers in working memory, it can’t account for long onset delays and make inferences based on months of data.

A half-billion people are suffering from autoimmune diseases. Another half a billion people are suffering from mental illnesses. All of these can be exacerbated or improved by hundreds of factors in daily life.

So, I built an app to make it easier to identify their own predictors and aggregate data to create larger studies. It’s collected over 10 million data points on symptom severity and influencing factors from over 10,000 people. This data has been used to publish 90,000 studies on the effects of various treatments and food ingredients on symptom severity.

I’m working on a decentralized autonomous organization called CureDAO to overcome the barriers to cooperation and data sharing in digital health and 10X the pace of clinical discovery. It’s open to anyone!

So, if you don’t like dying of horrible diseases, please join us @ https://curedao.org

Also, I try to use data to drive public policies which maximize gross national health and happiness @ https://thinkbynumbers.org.

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