A Community Committed to Realizing the
Precision Health of the Future

CureDAO is an alliance of nonprofits, governments, business, and individuals working to discover how millions of factors like foods, drugs, and supplements affect human health.

Digital Health Innovation Has Failed

The last 10 years have seen an explosion in the amount of health data and innovation. This has the promise to revolutionize human health and well-being. However, so far they've produced no measurable gains in the costs of disease or human lifespan.

350,000 Health Apps

Most health apps have significant overlap in functionality. This represents a cost of $157,500,000,000 on duplication of effort.

50X Explosion in Health Data

The problem is that all this data is dispersed. In isolation, it can only provide dashboards with "descriptive" statistics about what you've done. We need "prescriptive" solutions, telling us what we should do to alleviate or prevent disease.

Incentivizing Open-Source Collaboration to Accelerate Innovation

WordPress is a great example of how tens of thousands of independent plugin developers benefit from using and contributing to a shared core open-source platform.

Closed-Source Horizontal Stagnation

It's hard to make any progress when we're paying over 350,000 programmers to build the exact same basic functionalities.

Open-Source Vertical Innovation

By standing on each other's shoulders instead of duplicating work, we can potentially increase the rate of progress by 350,000 times.

We’re on a mission to democratize clinical research

There are thousands of unpatentable treatments and dietary factors that would never have sufficient profit incentive to cover the $1 billion cost of research. Through our data aggregation and analysis platform, we've driven down the cost to make it possible to quantify the effects of countless factors on symptom severity.

Data Points
Study participants

How it works

As a permissionless decentralized autonomous organization, CureDAO is open to anyone. You can earn tokens by completing quests and experiments to further the mission. We're looking for designers, developers, data scientists, and anyone interested in reducing suffering.

Data Aggregation

Unified Health API

The core open-source platform standardizes data from a wide array of sources and formats.


Plugin Marketplace

Anyone can create and monetize plugins that provide data analysis, management, and visualizations.


Tokens and IP-NFTs

Contributors of data, work, or intellectual property get a share of all DAO revenue in the form of ongoing royalty payments.

How Collaborationism Makes
Everyone Better Off

CureDAO is transcending the zero-sum game of previous economic models to reward cooperation.

Platform Contributors

By contributing to the success of CureDAO, you'll enjoy ongoing royalties in proportion to your contributions.

Data Silo Owners

By facilitating data sharing, business will enjoy an eventual reduction in their employee healthcare costs (one of their largest expenses) by discovering new, more cost-effective ways to prevent and treat disease.

Data Donors

By anonymously sharing your data, you can receive an ongoing share of the revenue from new treatments discovered. You'll also receive real-time decision support to mitigate and prevent chronic illness.

Digital Health

Digital Health Businesses can use the platform and reduce software development costs. This allows them to focus on innovating their unique value proposition, making them more competitive in the market.


Disease advocacy non-profits can further their mission by promoting study participation. Additionally, this leads to member engagement more productive than the traditional charity walk.


We can reduce government healthcare costs due to the discovery of new ways to prevent and mitigate chronic illnesses. All nations contributing to a shared open-source code base would reduce development costs.

Our Collaborators

We don't want to duplicate any work that anyone else is doing. Our mission is to help researchers and health innovators achieve faster results.
Please join us and tell us how we can help you.

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